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Office Front at Dr. Rodriguez Audiology & Hearing Center in Roswell, NM

At Dr. Rodriguez Audiology & Hearing Center, we’re dedicated to providing patient-driven and compassionate service. Whether it’s a general hearing test or a hearing aid fitting, we’ll apply our knowledge and expertise to find an appropriate solution for your hearing difficulties.

Meet Our Team!

Dr. Angelica Rodriguez, Au. D., Doctor of Audiology, and Owner of Dr. Rodriguez Audiology & Hearing Center in Roswell, NM.

Angelica Rodriguez, Au. D./Doctor of Audiology/Owner

“I decided to become an audiologist because of my own journey. I want to help people know that despite their hearing difficulties, they can still have the opportunity to live life to it’s fullest.. I want to be able to help people on their road to better hearing.”

Dr. Rodriguez

Dr. Angelica Rodriguez earned her Doctorate in Audiology from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 2011 after graduating Cum Laude in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in communication disorders.

Born and raised in Roswell, Dr. Rodriguez returned to her hometown to help the community that raised her improve their hearing. She is currently a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), and holds her certificate through the American Board of Audiology. Dr. Rodriguez and her husband have four “four-legged” children: a Siberian Husky, 2 Husky/German Shepherds, and a Labrador. Her Chi-Poo, Shelby, of 16 years recently passed in 2020.

Dr. Rodriguez was diagnosed with progressive hearing loss as a child and currently wears amplification in both ears. This experience allows her to form a more personal connection with her patients who are suffering from hearing loss. Dr. Rodriguez strives to turn a potentially negative situation into a positive one.

Dr. Ascherfeld, Au.D. CCC-A at Dr. Rodriguez Audiology & Hearing Center in Roswell, NM.

Kevin Ascherfeld, Au.D. CCC-A

“Audiology allows me to enhance the lives of those people whose resilience in the face of hearing loss inspires me in turn.”

Dr. Ascherfeld

Kevin Ascherfeld Au.D. CCC-A is a mid-life graduate of University of Arizona’s Speech and Hearing Sciences program, after a varied earlier career that included charter school administration, spiritual leadership, construction, and managing housing for the homeless.

Kevin is a transplant to Roswell, and looking forward to becoming a permanent fixture of this community. Growing up in Texas and living two decades in Arizona gives him perspective on the High Desert way of life. “I may be new, but I’m one of you!”

He holds a Doctorate in Audiology and a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts with focuses in communication disorders and special education. He is inspired in audiology by his grandmother who wore hearing aids for the whole of her adult life, and by the many special needs children whose perseverance he has admired as both educator and clinician.

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